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Meet the First batch of Vision-Aid Dr. Badar and Mariam Maskati Scholars!

While the Vision-Aid team in Boston was focused on the mega annual event, a wonderful new Vision-Aid program was taking birth, halfway around the world,  in Vizag India. On Monday July 22nd, the first batch of Vision-Aid Maskati Scholars arrived at Vizag from nearby areas and began their six-month long journey to acquire new skills, in the residential training program in Vizag.

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Vintage (1976)

Support the Arts & Vision-Aid

Vision-Aid is the beneficiary of the largess of some local artists. They have donated three beautiful paintings to Vision-Aid. The proceeds from the sale of these paintings will be used by Vision-Aid to provide low cost, technology based solutions for people with visual impairment.

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Ankit, a student from Vision-Aid's programming course

Vision-Aid's impact - the numbers, and an inspiring story behind the numbers

Warm 4th of July greetings from the Vision-Aid team.


While carrying out our mission of enabling, educating and empowering the visually impaired, we strive to spread our services to have as a wide impact as possible with the available resources and so there is always a focus on the numbers and metrics. But in the end, what motivates many of us in the team is the inspiring individual stories behind these numbers.

Below, we share with you both the numbers (for the first quarter of 2019) and a very inspiring story which we selected from amongst many such stories. We hope you enjoy reading about the story of Ankit – most of which is told by him in a letter to us.

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Revathy Ramakrishna

Stop the Presses! Vision-Aid's Revathy Ramakrishna is Woman of the Year 2019

Vision-Aid is extremely proud to announce that our co-founder and Vice President, Revathy Ramakrishna, has been chosen as the Woman of the Year 2019. The award was judged by a panel of nine independent judges. Revathy was presented with the award on Friday 17th May 2019 at the Annual Woman of the Year Awards gala held at Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA. 

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Ram Raju with Derek Bok Public service award

Harvard University Recognizes Vision-Aid Founder Ram Raju with The Derek Bok Public Service Prize for 2019

May 30th 2019 was a very special day for the Vision-Aid famiy. Ramkrishna Raju, the founder and Executive Director of Vision-Aid received the Derek Bok Public Service Prize for 2019. The Derek Bok Public Service Prizes are very prestigious awards given at  Harvard University's Commencement each year to graduating studetns from the Harvard Extension School. It carries a medal, a citation and a cash prize of $3000. The award recognizes creative initiatives in community service or long-standing records of civic achievement.

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Nibin Matthews

Nibin Mathew: A Vision-Aid Success Story

The Vision-Aid team is proud to share the success story of Nibin Mathew, whose dedication and determination is an inspiration.


A chain of life-changing events has fuelled Nibin's efforts to spread his technical training to the visually challenged from his region in Wayanad, Kerala. Born into an agricultural community in Wayanad, Nibin had lost his vision to glaucoma in 2012. He underwent several eye-surgeries at the Aravindh Eye Hospital Coimbatore, gaining limited vision. Due to lack of adequate support for STEM education(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) after the tenth grade, Nibin pursued study in the field business and finance till twelfth grade. He obatined bachelors degree in arts and humanities thereafter.

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Vision-Aid Partnership with Sankara Nethralaya: A Success Story

In January 2019, Vision-Aid and Sankara Nethralaya (SN) launched a resource center at SN’s Shenoy Nagar campus in Chennai. After initial setup and preparations, the resource center started seeing patients in March. In just the month of March, the center has served 43 people with significant visual impairment including some with multiple disabilities.

The beneficiaries of this program are people of all ages. Infant, young children and adults receive counselling, educational guidance, training in orientation and mobility. They are taught independent life skills like usage of assistive software and mobile technologies. Early intervention and vision developmental therapy is also part of the services.

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Dr. Badar And Mariam Maskati

Vision-Aid Announces The Dr. Badar And Mariam Maskati Vision-Aid Scholarship

Vision-Aid is excited to announce a new initiative for under-privileged visually impaired students in India  – a scholarship fund to cover all the costs for such students

to undergo extensive residential skills training for 6 months in the field of  Computer Applications, Mobile Technologies,  Coaching to help them succeed in Banking and Government sector exams and Spoken English/Soft Skills. The scholarship fund called the “Dr. Badar and Mariam Maskati Vision-Aid Scholarship”

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