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Year-end Update from Vision-Aid

Warm Holiday Greetings from YOUR Vision-Aid Team! As we near the end of the year, we wanted to take a few moments of your valuable time to humbly share with you some of our significant accomplishments. Thanks to support from many, 2015 was a marvelous year,

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"Operation Mangalore" completed successfully

"Operation Mangalore" - a joint pilot between Vision-Aid and the Roman Catherin School for the blind in Mangalore, India completes successfully. This program helped to bring specialized computer training to blind and low vision students at the school, opening the doors of technology to many of these students for the first time!

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New Book Release

Vision-Aid is excited to launch"Enabling the Vision Disabled" - a ground breaking publication on Vision Rehabilitation. The book was launched on December 29, 2012 jointly by the Rotary club of Waltair and Vision-Aid. We thank all our supporters and well wishers for attending this event which was held in our Vizag Resource Center.




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New Low Vision "Resource Rooms" in West Bengal

One of the biggest challenges faced by the visually challenged is gaining access to low vision services. Such services need to be easily accessible by public transportation. Susrut in partnership with Vision-Aid and the West Bengal State government, has taken the initiative of going to under-privileged areas around Kolkata to provide low vision services and devices  - "taking the services to the community" as they phrase it.  The state government has provided "resource rooms" for the challenged in some areas. However, the "resources" in these rooms are lackin. This is where the Vision-Aid / Susrut partnership comes in to fill the void. With Vision-Aid's grant Susrut is furnishing these resource rooms with appropriate equipment and materials to provide technology based and other rehabilitation services. It would serve these under-served communities and reach a wider targeted audience. 

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Vision-Aid Vizag recognized for distinguished service

Every year on Telugu New Year day in the city of Vizag, India, the Visakha Fine Arts & Cultural Association recognizes distinguished service by presenting awards to community service organizations in Vizag. This year, Vision Aid Vizag was recognized. Congratulations to Mr.M.S.Raju, President of the Vizag center and the dedicated staff at the Vizag center for this well-deserved recognition!


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teacher training camp

Largest ever Vision-Aid teacher training program concludes successfully!


In May 2013, Vision Aid has completed the biggest ever outreach training program for teachers. This training camp spanning for nearly 3 months was at the request of Saint Mary Centenary College of Education, Vizag, which offers the largest Diploma in Education (D.Ed.) training program in this region.

The Vision-Aid training started in March 2013 and by May 2013, 88 teacher trainees of 1st and 2nd year D.Ed. programs have completed the training. Each candidate took the 12 session training and passed the test, graduating with Vision-Aid ACA certificates. A combined Valedictory ceremony was held on May 3, 2013. 

Vision-Aid has received commission to conduct a similar camp for the more advanced 4-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program that trains teachers for Primary/ Secondary schools, and this new program is planned soon.


Note: D.Ed. is a 2 year diploma, the prescribed qualification to be a teacher in an Elementary School. There is a great demand for D.Ed. teachers in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India and it is estimated that currently over 50,000 teachers are absorbed annually into the state’s school systems. Vision Aid’s ACA qualification adds to a teacher's ability to help visually impaired children integrate in regular classrooms. Many schools which have Integration/Inclusion initiatives are interested in this aspect of the teachers training since it helps to further the goal of an integrated classroom allowing children with visual disabilities integrate more easily into a regular classroom setting.



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Susrut Resource Room, Behala , West Bengal

First ever low vision resource center in West Bengal, India

The low vision team at Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre, Kolkata, our partner in West Bengal India, has launched a new resource center project with Sarva Shiksha Mission, Kolkata and as part of this project has installed a computer, large print setup, CCTV magnifier, TV and other instruments provided by Vision Aid. This resource room is located at Behala, Kolkata and is a unique resource - the only such center in the region, where low vision children can avail large print school book facility and CCTV magnifier easily. With this facility special educators can also support the visually challenged children better in resource room facility and many can be rehabilitated in the general stream of education. 

Susrut Low Vision Resource Room at Behala, West Bengal


Resource room in Behala



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An update on Teacher training from Vizag

In May 2013 we conducted a special training camp for D. Ed Diploma in Education) teachers at Vizag, India and were happy to see 82 graduating candidates. Following this, we were requested by St. Mary’s College, Vizag, to take up its 2013 batch of B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) for training in access technologies. In June, we concluded the 3 week training camp and were pleased to see 42 B. Ed candidates graduating with a Vision-Aid diploma.


The photo shows Vice President of the Vision-Aid Vizag center, Mr. A. Srinivas giving away the certificates and software packages.  This year 2013 has been phenomenal with over 150 teachers being trained in access technologies, thanks to the tireless efforts of our diligent Vision-Aid Vizag teachers Ms. Rama Devi and Mr. Sivaprasad.  


2013 teacher training for B.Ed. teachers at St. Mary's college Vizag The photo shows Vice President of the Vision-Aid Vizag center, Mr. A. Srinivas giving away the certificates and software packages.

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