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A long distance relationship that is thriving!

As we look back at 2021 there are many bright spots to celebrate amid the dark clouds of COVID. One of the brightest spots was - Vision-Aid's Digital Accessibility Testing and Training Center (DATTC). This is one of Vision-Aid's most successful initiatives - Truly a Win-Win-Win-Win for all invovled!

A win for Vision-Aid clients who get quality services to help them in Accessibility Testing (as explained by Chris from Accessiversity in Michigan in his wonderful blog below). A win for Vison-Aid's visually impaired testers who find gainful employment. A win for the platforms they help to test and improve; And, of course, a win for Vision-aid India because paid projects like these generate valuable revenue which helps us fund this and other programs helping us move towards our goal of partial self-sustainability. Vision-Aid welcomes anyone, anywhere who wants to make their digital prescence more accessible and looking for affordable, quality digital accessibility testing services to get in touch with Vision-Aid's DAT team. They will be happy to work with you!

 Outsourced Testing projects keep visually impaired youth gainfully employed

 Who says long distance relationships cannot work? Please check out this wonderful blog by Chris Knapp from Accessiversity, Michigan. They have an outstanding relationship with Vision-Aid's visually impaired accessibility testers in India.

 Chris Knapp

 Meet Vision-Aid's newly minted DAT graduates and see the shining faces!

This month, yet another batch of young, enthusiastic, highly skilled DAT testers graduated from the 6-month rigorous DAT class with flying colors. Some of them will go on to get jobs in the indiustry and some will perform inhouse projects at Vision-Aid's DATTC itself, which works with clients in the US to offer paid DAT services. Just see their smiling faces in this short video. Their wonderful smiles and messages will brighten your day!

DAT Graduates

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