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Vision-Aid Programs At work in Delhi, India

Due to the pandemic our new Lachman Dass Gupta Vision-Aid center at Delhi, still continues to be on pause as our partner Shroff Charity Eye Hospital, is still operating on emergency mode only. However, just prior to pausing services due to the pandemic, they were already actively serving many visually impaired persons. Here are two reports sent to us by them which can help us understand the type of impact the center is already having in its early days.

Shivam Maurya

Shivam Maurya, an 18 years old boy, was facing problems while studying due to poor vision in both the eyes for the last 4-5 years.He is pursuing a bachelors degree in science with Agriculture as major at Prof. Rajendra Singh University, Allahabad Uttar Pradesh. He is a very sincere and hardworking student but has been diagnosed to have Optic Atrophy in both the eyes at an hospital near his home town in 2014.His condition made it very difficult to pursue his education .His father is a tailor by profession with low monthly income. To supplement his family income Shivam had to tutor younger students to continue his education.He visited the Vision Enhancement Center of Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital (SCEH) where he underwent a detailed evaluation. At SCEH he was given a trial of Electronic low vision device - Portable Video Magnifier. During his visit they realized that he was extremely motivated and enthusiastic to pursue his education. His reading vision was improved by the trial device provided. Due to his financial hardship he was provided with the Portable Video Magnifier under the Vision-Aid Project free of cost.
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar is 15 years old boy from Bihar. He was facing issues in school due to poor vision in both eyes. He was a student class 10th in a Govt. School in Patna, Bihar. He was unable to do read or write due to his vision impairment. He has an artificial right eye and Corneal Scar with Amblyopia in the left eye. He had been to many hospitals for treatment but nothing much was done to enhance the vision in the left eye. His father is a farmer with low socioeconomic status whereas his mother is a stay at home mom. He has two brothers who had both dropped out of school to help their father in farming.
Amit visited the Vision Enhancement Center of Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital. He was assessed clinically where his residual vision improved with an Electronic device - Portable Video Magnifier. Since he was desperate to pursue his education and due to his poor financial status he was given the device under the Vision-Aid Project free of cost. Using this device he is now able to read the books comfortably. Currently he is pursuing his education in school independently and looks forward 11th grade

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