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Enable, Educate, Empower - The three ‘E’s encapsulate Vision-Aid’s mission, and guide its programs which aim to help the visually impaired and blind to live with independence and dignity, and to reach their full potential.

VA students making waves

In addition to several physical locations throughout India, where over 16 different types of interventions are offered to the visually impaired, many of whom are from under-privileged segments of Indian society, Vision-Aid also offers several programs online. Starting out with simpler training programs in basic computer skills and Spoken English, Vision-Aid also has several advanced training programs including semester-long course in computer programming and digital accessibility testing as well as mentoring in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which open up a whole universe of learning opportunities from the best institutions world-wide.
Several Vision-Aid alumni have successfully completed these programs. They have also gone on to rock the world around the world, making waves in many areas. Whether it Is music or machine learning, tennis or testing, getting admission into Stanford or a job as a security analyst at Microsoft, nothing seems out of the reach of these amazing individuals.

See some of Vision-Aid's success stories here. Vision-Aid was a beacon of hope for them, and the Vision-Aid team hopes for the best and wishes them well in their lives.

In 2020, Vision-Aid announced a new body – the Council of Ambassadors. The council is co-chaired by Sonal Patel, Jeyanthi Ghatraju and Dr. Arun Kumar. The council will bring together many of the highly successful Vision-Aid students and alumni, along with community youth leaders from the general community and young eye-health professionals to provide advocacy and program support for Vision-Aid.

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