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Vision-Aid Founders Visit Sankara Netralaya

Vision-Aid founder Revathy and Ramakrishna Raju are on their annual visit to the various Vision-Aid Centers in India. Their first stop was Vision-Aid's Center at Sankara Netralaya in Chennai. This relatively new center which was just inaugurated a year ago during their last visit, has taken off very well. They had the wonderful opportunity to meet with the staff and discuss ongoing work and new , upcoming initiatives. 

Every Vision-Aid center while maintaining a consistent , core set of program, also has its unique flavor. In Sankara Nethralya, it is their unique strength with dealing with young children and infants. Visually impaired children as young as 6 months, and many with multiple disabilities, are provided a wide range of early intervention programs including visual stimulation therapy, parental counseling and interventions for developmental delay.

Ideas for several new initiatives in 2020 were discussed during this visit, including possibly starting up a residential scholarship program in Chennai for visually impaired youth. Addition of advanced training programs and integration of Sankara Nethralaya's patient's more fully into Vision-Aid’s workflow so that once patients finish their treatment at SN they are referred to appropriate functions at Vision-Aid such as the placement cell which helps visually impaired find jobs were also discussed. 

Ram and Revathy at Sankara Nethralaya

Vision-Aid board member Dr. Aparna Raghuram oversees the relationship with Sankara Nethralaya. Vision-Aid appreciates her effort and has requested her to share a more detailed update about the work being done in Sankara Nethralay. Please stay tuned for this report which will be coming soon. 

The Vision-Aid team thanks Ms. Saranya, Head of Rehabilitation and the entire Sankara Nethralaya team for their warm hospitality during the visit. They are to be commended for their continued dedication and commitment in offering quality programs to enable, educate and empower the visually impaired to live with independence and dignity


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