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Vision-Aid Announces a New Partnership and Inclusive Stem Hackathon 2019

Vision-Aid is proud to announce some new ventures as the year 2018 comes to a close. 

Vision-Aid & Oracle partner to train the visually impaired

Vision-Aid is now a training partner of Oracle. Oracle is the leader in two technologies – Databases and Java. Vision-Aid will now be able to take Oracle’s high-quality training program, which includes Oracle Certification, to it's visually impaired students. This program will be added to the existing portfolio of high technology training programs including Python and soon to be added Web programming. The combination of training in these current technologies will help Vision-Aid students position themselves high skilled job market.

Vision-Aid is currently identifying and training team members to focus on Java and Database technologies. The plan is to run pilot training programs for visually impaired students early next year. The programs will be run in Hyderabad and Bangalore, the technology hubs of India. 

Vision-Aid Gears up for the Inclusive Stem Hackathon 2019

The dates for the 2019 I-Stem hackathon have been announced. It will be held from January 17th 2018 to January 19th 2018 at IIIT Bangalore. 35 blind and visually impaired students from all over India have been selected to attend this unique event. Of these, around 20 students are currently enrolled in our Fall programming in Python course. They are coming up to speed quickly with skills in programming to prepare for this event. The excitement is palpable. For many this will be the first exposure to such an event. 

This event is completely free to all participants. Vision-Aid and other co-organizers like I-Stem, IIIT, XRCVC, Vision-Empower are covering all the associated costs including air travel, lodging, food, etc. for all participants and volunteers.

Vision-Aid actively seeks the support of generous donors or sponsors who may be interested in helping to cover the costs of this unique, event. 

For details of sponsorship please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To watch a short film of about 4 minutes on I-Stem Hackathon click on the image below


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