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Vision-Aid's partnership with Nethra Vidyalaya bears fruits.

Vision-Aid's partnership with Nethra Vidyalaya/ Jeyer Educational Trust (JET) blind schools is already proving a giant leap in the right direction.

Vision-Aid is currently running a workshop with Nethra Vidyalaya in Hyderabad.

Two members of Vision-Aid staff from Vizag, are at Nethra Vidyalaya. The workshop is being conducted by Vision-Aid members in collaboration with staff from Nethra Vidyalaya.

Vision-Aid staffers installed computers with high processing capacity along with dual monitors, dual keyboards and a screen project.  This arrangement is known as theVision-Aid Online Academy Student Stations. 

The workshop is being attend by 70 visually impaired youth pursuing their high school and bachelor degrees. 

Initially a one week workshop was planned. But the first day proved to be so successful that Nethra Vidyalaya has requested to extend the workshop to two weeks.


Workshop at Nethra Vidyalaya

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