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"A very big Thank You to Vision-Aid for providing quality education to persons with Visual Impairment and even providing financial scholarships for the TEDx certificates for more advanced courses; it motivates and empowers me to continue learning from MOOCS. The hackathon was an amazing experience for me and looking forward to many such events by Vision-Aid in future."

                Aditi Shah a Vision-Aid student


"Great work being done with great dedication and innovation."

These were the comments in the Vision-Aid guest book by our esteemed guest, Ms. Alice Crasto, Regional Director of Sight Savers International, who visited the Vision-Aid Center in Visakhapatnam (Vizag) India . Ms. Crasto, along with a team of senior officers from Sight Saver's International's Indian Office in Mumbai, spent around two hours in the center first observing the computer training classes which were in progress with three visually impaired students and later spending time in observing a patient undergoing comprehensive low vision evaluation and rehabilitation. SSI is a UK based NGO that promotes eye care all around the world, and at this time a partnership between SSI and Vision-Aid is being explored by both organizations to see how the organizations could work together to benefit the visually impaired in under-served areas.


"I am overwhelmed with the achievements of your organization in such a short time."

Sarfaraz A Khan, MD, Director, Vision Rehab. L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India.* Dr. Khan visited the Vizag Center in Visakhapatnam, India, a project supported by Vision-Aid.


"I wish to place on record the sincere appreciation of each one of us at the Institute, for Vision-Aid USA and Vision-Aid Visakhapatnam (India). . . . We are now in a position to state with considerable pride and confidence that in Vision-Aid we have found a credible and efficient partner, a real well wisher of persons with visual impairment whom we are all committed to serve."

Mr.A.K.Mittal, Regional Director, National Inst. for the Visually Handicapped, Government of India. This message was given at the conclusion of a free week-long training session for school teachers jointly organized by Vision-Aid and NIVH.


"I am humbled by the dedication and commitment of the Low Vision service you decided to offer to the visually handicapped and disabled persons at low (and free of) cost in Visakhapatnam. if I can join in the Mission in Vision Recovery of the Visually Handicapped and Vision Rehabilitation of the Visually Disabled."

Sriram Sonty, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Sonty visited the Vizag Center in Visakhapatnam, India, a project supported by Vision-Aid.


"I have had the opportunity to visit the Vision-Aid Center in Vizag, to meet with the people who are managing and staffing the center. . . . The initiative taken by Vision-Aid to provide Low Vision and Vision Rehab Services on a charitable and non-profit basis is indeed commendable, and they are providing through their center a much needed service to people who suffer from visual impairments in the Vizag region. I wish them the very best in their efforts, and have no hesitation in endorsing their requests to individuals, Government agencies, and NGO's to support them in any way possible so that this important venture can succeed and many people may benefit from it."

Dr. K. Ilango, MD, Head, Low Vision Center, Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, India.*


"Vision-Aid is doing some really impressive work. . . . I wish them all the best in achieving their dreams."

Dr. Nishta Dewani, Sight Savers International, Mumbai Office. Dr. Dewani made this comment during her visit to VisionAid Vizag.

* In the area of Vision Rehab., L V Prasad Eye Institute and Aravind Eye Hospital belong to a select group of facilities that are recognized as South East Asian World Health Organization Collaborating Centres of Excellence for prevention of blindness.



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